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Portable Address Book

How to install

Drag Portable Address Book folder to your portable device, USB thumb drive, iPod, portable hard drive, memory card, other portable device (also to your internal hard disk) as long as it has enough free space (at least 1Mb). The amount of space needed depends from size of your Preferences folder (see Copy local preferences).

Portable Address Book background dmg screenshot

Running Portable Address Book

Requires OS X 10.4.2 or later.
Double click on Portable Address Book icon will open a local copy of Address Book using Preferences stored on your portable drive. A pop up window inform you that Portable Address Book open and quit with success.

Open OK popup window Quit OK popup window

Only one copy of Address Book can be run at a time.

If a local copy of Address Book is running a window alert you. Clicking OK button will quit Portable Address Book allowing you to quit running Address Book. When local copy of Address Book is closed you can reopen Portable Address Book.

Already running alert window