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Copy local preferences

You can copy your user preferences folder to Portable Address Book when Copy preferences window ask you. So, if you wish to use your cards, groups and preferences you already have, run Portable Address Book on your system and click Copy when prompt.
Warning: Data and passwords stored with Keychain are not portable!

Copy preferences window screenshot


This will copy your ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook folder and ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.AddressBook.plist file to Portable Address Book. Preference file and folder are inside the application bundle Portable Address Book.app/Contents/Resources/Library/.
A confirm window will show preferences size and space available. You can confirm or cancel.

Copy preferences ok window screenshot

If copy will take some time a task bar give you a feedback.

Task bar screenshot

A pop up window confirm the end of preferences copy or advice if an error occurred.

Copy preferences done popupCopy preferences error popup

You will prompt when preferences size is greater than space available on your drive. This will not copy existing Address Book preferences.

No space available screenshot

Don't Copy

This will allow you to copy your preferences next time you will open Portable Address Book.


This will never ask you to copy local preferences to Portable Address Book. Remove file "Portable Address Book.app/Contents/Resources/CopyPref_Done" to copy preferences again.